U10G Wildcats Finalists in YSC Winter League

January 7, 2016 — The Wildcats competed in the first winter session of the YSC U9/U10 Girls league. At the end of the eight games of the regular season, the Wildcats were in third place going into the playoffs, having only lost two games to the first and second place teams. The YSC league playoffs were all scheduled on one Thursday night at the end of the season.

In the first of three games that night, the Wildcats faced off against a team that we had beaten during the season. The Wildcats scored first, about midway through the game, and it looked like we were easily moving on to the next level, but the opponents slipped a goal in with less than one minute to go! According to the YSC rules, a 4-minute sudden-death overtime period was to be played with 4v4, and no keepers. Both teams fought furiously through this period, trying deperately to score the winning goal. The Wildcats had several opportunities, but the period ended without resolution.

This had apparently never happened before, so the YSC officials removed one more player from each team for a 3 minute sudden-death overtime period. Again, both teams fought valiantly, but again, no one scored in the period, although tthe Wildcats had two very close misses. Finally, the YSC officials took another player from each team, limiting the field to 2v2. After a couple minutes, the Wildcats scored and emerged victorious!

If that doesnt already sound like too much excitement, it only started there...

In the semi-final game, the Wildcats were matched against the team that had finished the season in 2nd place, and have narrowly beaten us in the regular season. But the Wildcats came to play! In an extremely exciting match, the opponents scored first, early in the game, but the Wildcats did not relent, eventually scoring the equalizer about three quarters of the way through the game. You guessed it: at the end of regulation, we had another draw!

Following the same process as before, the two teams played very hard through the first overtime period, but they were fairly evenly matched, and so we moved to the second overtime period: 3v3. A couple minutes into this period, the Wildcats executed a beautiful give-and-go to score the winning goal!

Remarkably, the excitement did not end there! For the championship game, the Wildcats faced the team who had finished in first place druing the regular season. They had not given up a single goal all season, much less lost a game. Last time we played them, they beat us 8-0.

In a testament to the heart and the tenacity of of the Wildcats, they worked hard, easily matching the performance of the opposing team, shot for shot. It was one of the most exciting matches that our girls have played to date. In the end, the Wildcats lost the game, 1-0, but had played incrediby well. As a coach, it was eminently satisfying, and I was very proud of our team.

-- Head Coach Charlie Bordonaro